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What is DumpOnYou?

DumpOnYou is where people and secrets get exposed on the worldwide web.  First sign-up for an account, then write a spiteful, funny or obscure post about the person you want to expose, and insert their picture.   The fun begins by inviting all their friends using our anonymous email, anonymous test-messaging or anonymous chat technologies, so nobody knows you wrote the post.

Who should I expose?
It can be your spouse, neighbor, best friend, roommate or anybody that should be bashed.  You can blow the whistle for cheating, stealing or just being a jerk.   You can break up with someone (aka You've Been Dumped) as well.

Once something is submitted, other people see it and comment and vote what they like the best. At, you'll always find something interesting and unique and our community will always be talking about our content.